Veg, organic, Culinary Experience  

Minimum 4 people (50 euro each)

I have been a vegetarian now for 39 years. I have a vegetarian, vegan B&B in Palombara Sabina and I have the HACCP certification. My life long friends Loretta and Valter, in Palombara, have the most amazing home with a breathtaking view of all of the Sabina Mountains and Rome. They are veg also and make all their food from their land. I have never in my life tasted such wholesome, genuine food! And I mean it , a real experience! From their own olive oil, to all the veggies, the breads, the sweets, the nuts, the pastas, everything is grown and then hand made from their property. They both have a passion for cooking and are two amazing cooks, apart from Valter being an architect and a painting artist and Loretta a psychologist. I will personally take you up there on weekends and depending on the weather you will be eating inside or out with an incredible view. We will also guide you around the land.


If you are staying at il Ciliegio we will leave from there around 5:15 pm. If you are in Rome, I will pick you up at the Piana Bella station, 30 minutes from Rome at 5:00pm, and bring you up on the hill to Palombara Sabina (20 minutes of beautiful country side). I will introduce you to Loretta and Valter and then will walk you around the olive trees and the vegetable garden while Loretta does her last minute preparations. After that, a full vegetarian or vegan, organic meal will be offered around a beautifully set Italian style table, dressed in candle light, while the sun sets. I personally guarantee an amazing experience! We will eat all together while Loretta and Valter will explain the procedures involved in cooking the meal. I will translate everything being fluent in English. After the last coffee, tea and biscotto, guests head back to the train with me, or, stop and sleep the night at my B&B.

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